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The present Dharmapuri was a part of the Salem District. The Dharmapuri district was formed as a separate district on 02-10-1965 with its headquarters at Dharmapuri. Thiru G.Thirumal I.A.S was the first collector of Dharmapuri District.

The Dharmapuri District was bifurcated into Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri district on 09-02-2004. The Tamil Nadu Government announced the yearly financial budget for 2007-2008 to open a DIET in Dharmapuri District , G.O.Ms.No.145 of Tamilnadu Government.

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Mission & Objectives

Provision of preservice and inservice teacher education programmes (continuous teacher professional development)

  • Improving enrolment, retention, achievement and literacy ratio.
  • Conducting educational researches to find out the issues in schools.
  • Focusing action researches to solve the class room issues.
  • Monitoring of school quality
  • Reviewing training inputs given to stack holders
  • Conducting seminar to disseminate innovative practices.
  • Providing resource support to other institutions, organizations, and SMCs.
  • Designing and developing training manuals for Anganwadi, school teachers, Primary , Upper Primary schools and officials etc.,
  • Involving in text book writing, reviewing text book, framing curriculum , syllabus and evaluation.
  • Serving as an educational resource centre.
  • Developing annual academic plan and executing in the district.